Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saturday Night on the BTS Line

My weekend basically was a good one. No major events and except for a major purchase! Haha! We went to SML as usual and spent some quality time with friends. Since we were already full from Damien's cookies and the good stuff that always comes right after the worship ends, we skipped the restaurant hopping tradition. When I say good stuff, it's not just the food, the worship is always the best stuff every Sabbath! :)

Hobbit and I spent the rest of the Sabbath at home jamming with Jov's keyboard that we have just learned to make use of. Instead of letting the keys go rusty, why not make some melodies out of it? Besides singing and playing, we also prayed a lot asking God to lead us with our decision that we had to make before Sunday! It's late Sunday now and I'm glad to say that we are liberated from all that issue! God is so good.

After sunset we headed to the BTS and just went window shopping, looking at different Christmas decorations put up at different malls and just enjoyed the feel of a Christmas mood. Last year it was nice. We spent half of our holidays in Bangkok and another half in MC. Somehow the air brought back good memories of last year and the year before when Hobbit and I were just beginning to get adjusted to married life! Ahh come December...

Well, our BTS ride took us to Central World. We visited Moss Burger again! Can't wait for the Emporium branch to open. I love the burgers. So our walk brought us all the way to Paragon...Siam...and at last to MBK. This was when Hobbit decided to buy me something that I have been dreaming for quite a few months already. I'll blog about it soon but basically, our Saturday night was pleasant and I thank Hobbit for the nice stroll and for making me a happy, thankful wife.

Sunday was not bad either. We both woke up at around 10:30 in the morning and the busy life started all at once. We had to settle on a lot of things and even went to different places. In the end, it was another good day. Thank you God.

I actually am not willing to think about tomorrow yet but what choices do I have? Come Monday...:(

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