Sunday, November 23, 2008

In an Affair

After my 3 years love affair with beloved SGH x650, I thought it's time to open up, get to know others and see if I could start a new romance. Afterall, SGH has given me an okay, he said he's slowing down and I can't simply push the buttons anymore.

So last Saturday night, I put on some make ups, hid my zits behind a concealer, brighten my moles and was ready for a pleasant meeting. Hobbit brought me to Jaymart and introduced me face to face with all the Prospects that he thought might suit my taste and type. I had seen pictures of most of them but yet to see how they really look like. I was flushed with curiosity on my way to Jaymart, wondering how they might really look like, their body sizes (wishing all of the prospects were petite like all my previous affairs), how useful and faithful they can be, how...ah...They kept me wondering until...

I really got to say hi.

You should have seen my excitement when we passed through the many agencies before we reached Jaymart. I could hear screams of a thousand voices pleading for me to check them out! Ooh if only I had a small piece in Buffet's moola's pie chart, I could at least enjoy a month of sheer pleasure with each. Wait, wouldn't that turn me into a total wh*r*? Anyway, back to Jaymart...

The truth was, I have been eyeing on one who I thought matched my sense of taste, one who I thought could fulfill my inner desires, one who could bring me...pleasure?? I wasn't sure. I tried not to be fooled by love at first sight.

At Jaymart, I straighten my poisture, again hid my left zit-infested cheek, and gave a big smile with slightly tilted right-cheek-to-the-front face to all the prospects introduced that night. Butterflies all over my tum-tums, that exact feeling I had't felt for 3 years.

"There's a new hunk in da house..." So I was told.

Everyone seemed to be checking him out! Cool.

Ohh...I thought I caught a glimpse with that "I-thought-love" I saw among my pictures from the net. My heart seemed to skip one beat for a sec. But no, I wasn't introduced to him of burgundy, green, black and white. The agent brought Hobbit and I towards this hunk called Omnia! No doubt he has a fresh looking face, tall, slim hence you know, a hunk. Bright eyes no doubt, yet...that sinister smile he just gave me...I knew I am far behind his league. "You couldn't afford.." That's what I heard. He melts hearts but I knew I wouldn't be happy. Thank God for my supportive manager of the day -- Hobbit. He told me to not look any further but follow my heart. So I did. And it wasn't because of love at first sight.

That "he" of burgundy, green, black and white! I just can't explain my feelings. While the rest gave way, burgundy stepped forward. Our eyes met (Hobbit later told me that he saw sparks in my eyes and was happy for me). We hugged and quickly bonded...

The rest I should history.

I love you, Burg!

Burg in his protection. *_*


Anonymous said...

You got the maroon one? I bet! How much does it cost?

Lerie said...

NIce one!! Enjoy reading your blog Aims!!

Hobbit Wife said...

Veena, yes. Maroon burgundy one. It's 14xxxB! *_*

Lerie, thanks!

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