Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday Visitor

I was hell of a shock Sondang wrote on my wall telling me -->

intestine?? What intestine?

All I knew was that she was coming to Thailand from Singapore for a visit and that I had asked her to buy me all the cina's all time favorite chee chiong fun. And I never mentioned intestine.

So we made a point to meet at my school. As soon as she stepped out of the taxi, she handed me a big white container with something in it and said "I didn't know that this thing you like was called pork intestine!" Oh, you should have seen my eyebrows rose! By the way Sondang, I was so glad and happy to see you again! :)

So we walked into my room and chit chatted for a while before planning on going out for lunch (it was brunch for Sondang).

While chatting, I busied myself into opening the container while crossing my fingers that it was not literally a pork intestine.

Unwrapped, open, unwrapped...

Wahhhhhhhhhhh! My good Lord...What did I do to deserve a Chee Chiong Fun meal in Bangkok?????

I was jumping with joy and wanted to eat it right at the spot but Sondang insisted that I should store it inside a refrigerator and wait until I reach home. I wanted to hugged her if it wasn't for her bags and stuff hanging on her shoulders! Thank you so much Sondang! :)

I then asked her how she smuggled it into the plane and she honestly told me it was "that" easy! So Sondang, I am waiting for my second Chee Cheong Fun meal in Bangkok? :)

Before we left for emporium for lunch, I took her to see Teacher Laura who happened to be relaxing under the beach umbrella enjoying her free time. We had few good giggles!

Here's Sondang having lunch at Sunrise Tacos.

Thanks for everything Sondang. It was nice catching up good old times with you over lunch! :)


Lorena said...

wowness!! live airmail all the way from s'pore!! bet you ate up the contents of the packet as soon as you got home that day.. hehe =)

Hobbit Wife said...

Tina, it trus went into my tummy tumtums! I yummed and poured it with all my mixed emotions of not being able to go home for 2 and a half years although I did go to KL several times in between...but sadly not Sabah where we call HOME. :) Hey, when are you coming?

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