Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend Fun

I had fun last weekend not until something happened to me. Hobbit and I started by attending worship which started all the fun since worshiping in SML is what most of us look forward to on Sabbath nowadays. We get to worship, fellowship and what pleases me is that we don't have to be stuck with time.

This time, restaurant hopping moment was hosted by Zic and we thought Japanese sounded good and off we went to Emporium's food parlor. Since we decided to go healthy, each of us swore that we had to look at the menu carefully so we don't order food that we usually ordered. I went for tuna salad and didn't regret it. It tasted so good that even though the servings was big, I finished the whole plate! If you know me, finishing my own food is unlikely! As soon as we were done, we walked around for awhile and decided to get some rest before the another exciting plan unfolded that night.

So it's Saturday night out party! We went to Sukhumvit Plaza and landed in one decent karaoke bar and from there on, everything just happened and we had a blast! We came out and the night was still early, headed to Sunrise Taco to have supper! It was close to midnight when we finally reached home. What a night filled with fun and laughters! :)

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