Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pattaya GSV1

Most of the time I am such a procrastinator and I know it so well that I stop wanting to do anything about it! One week had gone by since our Pattaya Retreat and there is just so much I wanted to blog about the day I came back but found myself too tired to sort out pictures and stuff, so instead of going online, I decided to rest but ahh...why am I telling you this? Of course everyone needed rest! I also know that I am a rambler!

The first day we were scheduled for Nong Nooch Garden in Pattaya then to Garden Sea view Hotel (GSV) where our actual retreat took place. I think I blogged about Nong Nooch too many times already and maybe I should skip telling you what is in Nong Nooch and move on. This was our 5th times visit to this huge tropical garden! Since we decided to skip lunch, we stuffed ourselves with food before our journey (we drove...I know!) and as have been predicted, we reached the garden after the rest of the group had lunch! Perfect! Didn't do much since the landscaping and everything else was more or less just like it was when we visited last July. Me being chatty, lets look at one or two pictures instead...

Immortal ants
5th timers (bored)!
I guess the wetness and weather was partly the reason. It was drizzling on and off. Maybe I should show you some pictures of our July visit!
Overated landscape :)
from dad's cameraManbuilt stonehedge
Mom & Dad
Dad is such a character that he influenced Hobbit!My dad and her new found gf"Aunt KY, wave!!!" And the mahoot waved! :)Mom & Dad on Mr Elephant

So see, coming to this place again not too far from July reminded us of our comedic parents & aunt. Sorry, got sidetracked a lil' bit. Just that I miss my family! December come quick!


Deanna Beryl said...

I like the peekaboo shot!

I didn't know your parents were in town! Haha lawak lah your dad :P I hope I'll be having as much fun as he is when I'm at his age :P

Looking forward for Pattaya II! :)

Unknown said...

bored or not, looks like you both had a blast and so did your parents LOL. I am glad you had that experience.

Hobbit Wife said...

Dee: Oh, My parents' last July visit was when I brought them here. So those pics were overdue. I just thought I would show some of the overdue pics which was taken from July since I didn't take lots of pics on my last Teachers Retreat. :)Heh, my dad is always a clown tsk!

Fractalmom: Yeah, good experience I had! :)

~Crowy~ said...

I like this post.. Your dad is very funny in the photo. he he

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