Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cold Fingers

Maybe most of you noticed if not that this blog isn't as juicier as my first blog, which I started five years ago. Honestly I am apprehended to write for some reason I know clearly well. Knowing my pattern or frequency of writing, a friend decided to voice her concern regarding my degenerated blogging nature. I was glad... for I thought no one would care or would mind at all, putting up with my cina aka. Chinese wit and subtlety, a voice only too familiar to all my family and close friends.

So why can't I face to terms with what used to come naturally? Many reasons I guess. One, not liking this life to be the center of attention, where everyone will suddenly hoohaa with all the things that are attached to you and next thing you know, everyone knows you in and out. But again, I used to be able to open up on the surface and used to enjoy doing it immensely without anyone chasing after me about my issues being blogged. That was when I interposed limit in ammegan at tBlog. Only those who happened to stumble upon it and responded to my repartee play the game and throw the dice!

Yet, I have decided that with this blog it would be a little different. Still on the surface but more intimate as I am aware that I have now many real life friends being my readers. Most to whom I see everyday or rather other days to start with. Then I also have my staunch readers who like Ruth, followed Naomi. I love all the Ruths out there, and I also love my all my friends bloggers and non-bloggers. Hence I want them to know what exactly happened to me, where I went , how I got lost, what I did and many other things that makes me ME! The truth is I am not a big fan of fantasy nor fictions. I love reading my friends' day to day ramblings, love, relationships, thoughts, adventures and the sort. These are so real although physically I am unable to reach out but cybercally (if dictionary's will), I am spoken to, laugh with, hugged, called for, mused, touched...

Two, judgements. Have you read an autobiography book and at the end thought that you seemed to already know the person you were reading about? One day I said "shucks" and next day you think I am a swearer! I know you because I read you and you don't know me! You know what I mean?

Perhaps, I should just let go on the left and cling on, on the right. After all, I know that there are some who were pretty much bothered with my previous blog. So I want to write about politics, I want to raise concern about my not so very smooth skin and I want to talk about toilet paper, how does it bother you? To each, his/her own.

Three, I know I better stop now.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend Fun

I had fun last weekend not until something happened to me. Hobbit and I started by attending worship which started all the fun since worshiping in SML is what most of us look forward to on Sabbath nowadays. We get to worship, fellowship and what pleases me is that we don't have to be stuck with time.

This time, restaurant hopping moment was hosted by Zic and we thought Japanese sounded good and off we went to Emporium's food parlor. Since we decided to go healthy, each of us swore that we had to look at the menu carefully so we don't order food that we usually ordered. I went for tuna salad and didn't regret it. It tasted so good that even though the servings was big, I finished the whole plate! If you know me, finishing my own food is unlikely! As soon as we were done, we walked around for awhile and decided to get some rest before the another exciting plan unfolded that night.

So it's Saturday night out party! We went to Sukhumvit Plaza and landed in one decent karaoke bar and from there on, everything just happened and we had a blast! We came out and the night was still early, headed to Sunrise Taco to have supper! It was close to midnight when we finally reached home. What a night filled with fun and laughters! :)

All Look Same

Hey, have you ever tried guessing what nationality a person is by just looking at his/her looks?? Can you guess whether he/she is Japanese, Korean or Chinese? If you have the tendency of doing that, or are curious whether you are good at telling, then take the test here. I took the test last night and it indicated that I was superb! Try it! It's fun and can be a stress reliever! :) If you like, there are other tests that you might be interested in, such as determining food as to who it belongs to, architectures, pictures, etc. Try it, try it! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Shopping Spree

*Post transferred from

I decided to repost this here. Since oh! I'm just too lazy to update this blog! Heh...

It's Chulalongkorn Day today and the nation is having a holiday! To avoid boredom, Hobbit and I decided to go out and enjoy the day! So we went to MBK and Siam Square to scout for Christmas gifts. Since we are going home this Christmas, it would be awkward arriving without any Christmas presents. Plus we have to attend several weddings and an engagement party and had invitations from lots and lots of relatives. This is expected for people like us who haven't been home for more than 2 years! So imagine how many gifts do we need to prepare?? Well, people say you "don't have to if you can't afford it" but still, I just have this habit of giving on occasion such as this!

Before I even started to shop, my shopping chum came and shopping just got faster and faster! Hobbit didn't went with us though, instead he went for a hair cut at his favorite saloon. As we walked along the narrow paths in Siam Square, I noticed a poster indicating small business for sale. When we checked it out, it was a CD kiosk and made me wonder, how in the world do these kind of businesses survive? With all the pirated ones selling out like hot cakes, do those O copies still sell? Anyway, we walked and shopped, walked and shopped. At the end, I ended up buying most of the things for myself! See, I knew this would happen. God help me...

Despite of all the walking and spending, my Chum and I (not forgetting Hobbit)enjoyed the day immensely and made a date for this coming Saturday night for more splurging! Hallelujah! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weird Circle

Pic 1

Pic 2

Can you spot the difference between pic 1 and pic 2?

I came out of my tent early Sabbath morning during the Masterguide camp and wanted to capture some early morning picture. So as I was busy clicking 360 degrees around the same spot where I stood and was aghast by something weird captured in pic 1. Then I quickly made another click, out came pic 2. It's less than a minute difference between the two. Hobbit and I quickly searched high and low for that very 'circle' but to no avail. No, nothing to do with my camera, reflection or the sort. I've made sure of this. Anyway, (Aims...)lets not get superstitious here! But seriously, it kept us wondering for a good half day that day! :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mini Masterguide Camp

Two weekends ago, a group of our recently revived Masterguide club decided to have a one day mini camp at our very own Mission compound aka. TAM/BACS. As a once-lost-and-now-am-found masterguide member, I for once was somehow excited as I have not joined such fun and adventurous camp out way back since college days! So I thought a day camp out should be sufficient to bring back some fond memories of my pathfindering years! Somehow Hobbit have the same thought too that was why it really got us into it that right after leaving our Masterguide club meeting, we quickly went to The Mall B and got ourselves a decent tent just for this occasion!

To cut a long story short, both of us got really busy that week that we had no time to even look at our type A uniforms that had been hidden and tucked inside a big bag with all the pins and honors wrapped in between the shirts. By the time I thought about it, it was already late Tuesday and the camp was the coming Friday evening. Shoot. A double shoot to big and old uniforms!! Seriously, these uniforms were all L and XL in sizes when we were about to be invested a few years ago. We had no choice but to get L even though all over us were spelled "petite!" Anyway, we badly needed new uniforms for the old one also had certain "old" smell stuck to it.

Next day Wednesday, I contacted all those who needed new shirts and asked those guys if they could get one for Hobbit and I too! Well, hitch-a-ride wasn't the answer. I had to literally walked to one of the nameless Soi in Phrakanong to buy the shirts! Sadly when I got there, there were only one left and the size was M and M was still big as it would've suit the tag L better! I took their contact number and asked a friend (who spoke fluent Thai) to call and asked if they could provide us with S just the next day (Thursday). They could and that friend got it late evening.

Friday, school was off for teachers grading day. Went early to school with a bag of sewing stuff and the uniforms; completed medical checkup and put off grading so to give way to sewing all the patches for the uniforms. Two uniforms!! Got some help from Zic, who messed up with some stuff that we ended up wearing things upside down in the camp. Haha!

We came to the camp site quite late but managed to witness the induction service. No pictures - camera died out. Pitched our tents and had a lovely restful evening!

We were quite worried when it poured at around 3am. Most of the campers around us either moved out or dragged their tents to solid rocks. We remained where we were - flood prone area (ask everyone who lives in this compound, they know FLOOD). Just as we said our prayers, the rain pitty-pattered and finally stopped. Amen!

Next day, early morning at around 5:40am, auntie D called and asked if both Hobbit and I were interested in a civilized morning shower. By less than 10 minutes, we were already enjoying tap showers in SC Mansion. Back to the camp site, had worship and great breakfast. Everything tasted good in camps like this. One of the few things I enjoy. :)

Sabbath school . Short discussions and skits which perked us up despite the heat. I was drenched in my own sweat the whole day! Yuck! Enjoyed Pr. Sam's talk for divine.

Then it's lunch! Drove to the comfort of J's apartment with lentils, salted fish, chicken curry and hot pickles! Felt so much better after the cool down.

Afternoon's activities started with a treasure hunt followed by knots & lashing. I could see most of the members including the kids enjoyed the noon right into the evenings where we closed with worship and light dinner.

I wouldn't say it was a perfect camp out for I wasn't really ready for it and with everything going on at the same time, it wasn't easy to really focus on the preparation. Nevertheless, this camp gave most of us a good change and maybe new perspectives as we continue in this ministry. Thus, I have to say we had quite an 'adventurous' one after all! *_*

Friday, October 17, 2008


A friend showed me this and I thought I should share some morning breakfast! Mind some cereal for your morning pumps?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shiseido Love

Remember my previous post on Simba Hair? Well, my hair had enough of my indulgences and decided to protest big time! Hence, the texture was rough like nylon strings, my hairbrush had difficulty sliding, my shampoo wailed when it had to work harder to produce foams, and most of all I felt like I have been living inside a sinkhole for quite sometime since the curls are messy and hard to style! Hence, I decided to do something about it! Even before I thought of "doing something" I thought that by washing, moosing, waxing and self-treatment could save my hair! Despite of these two facts 1. self-treatment package and 2. going home (in December!!! How silly!) to chop off all the ugliness, I finally decided to rebel against my self-financial crisis!

"I am broke but I am going to Qi Shiseido for treatments and snips!!!"

Some of you Bangkokians guessed it already did you?? Hahahaha!

Yes! The Shiseido Qi saloon that most of us will mention first every time someone confesses to have gone to a saloon in Emporium, since the location is right up the entrance from the BTS.

I was reluctant at first but figured that I got fed up of cheap treatments full of promises only wanting you to come back the following weeks or months Simba knows!

So last Thursday (a week ago) I decided to just put on a hi-so face and went in although God knows I'm out of pocket!

One thing about hi-so saloons, you need to book in advance as to when they are available and hence will put you in schedule after you make a pick on whether you want an dabbler or a pro to do the style for you! I was scheduled for 7pm and was told would be the last customer of the day! Whew!

7pm it was and I came close to 7:30pm since hey! You know Bangkok traffic and heck if it wasn't for my Masterguide uniform I would've arrived on time! Thank goodness the guy who was suppose to be my stylist and his nosy assistant was more than willing to do it for me and guess what? Last customer equals to having the whole stage to myself! After the mini chat with this unknown G or S good looking stylist, he went against my wish of wanting a big snip and instead introduced me to what he claimed to be the best solution: Program Solution followed by small snips! I jumped out of my seat when he mentioned the involvement of 9 products starting with hair detox followed by waxing, shampooing, steaming, grooming...

As it was my first time hearing of a hair detox, first thing crossed my mind was body detox that somehow assimilate with the word "cleanse." Oh I tell you, if only you knew what I was thinking about this whole detox process at that moment! LOL! But hey, it was nothing like what I imagined. Mr. GL and Ms Nosy actually started by taking several strands of my hair at a time and wet with some solutions and literally "cleanse" the hair with their hands. How pampering was that?? Later these followed:


applied another solution...


to another solution...



to some sort of wax...




back to look like a cute poodle again...with more fluff!

I was just about to snore and had to get up and wash again. Anyhow they did to my hair, I didn't complain since I made sure I prayed 9 times as soon as the treatment started! The moment Mr GL handed me the oval mirror to get the 4D view, I made sure I took a good look on those tamed-again yet soft fluff and cherished all those swanky 2 hours moment where I had the chance to fiddle some chic mags, sit on a modish seat, make good conversation, and all that tony!

Not sure when is the next time...:(

As to make it more memorable *blush*,

"Could you recommend me shampoos and conditioners?"

Mr. GL quickly handed me these:

which costs 690B and 520B respectively.

I walked out with a free membership card, a bag of Shiseido purchase, 3000+B poorer and with a enormous smile of satisfaction!

As the advertisement puts it in words back in Malaysia...

"Rambutku tampak lebih bermaya, lebih menawan!"


Free Handbag

Hey, here's a chance to win a free handbag.

I thought ah! I'll never get to win but one of my cousins went

"Oh come on! Give it a try because at the end you'll not loose anything!"

So here I am passing the word...:)

Go here. If I win, I'll let you know. :) I am eyeing for this:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ery's Tag

Now that more and more of the people I know are into blogging, the "tag" is going around fast too! Okay Ery, here is...

[01] Do you ever wonder what your ex is up to?

[02] Have you ever been given roses?

[03] What is your all-time favorite romance movie?

[04] Had a Long Distance Relationship?

[05] Do you believe in this saying-What goes around comes around?

[06] Do you want to get married?
Am married.

[07] How many kids do you want to have?
God's will, two.

[08] What is your favourite colour?

[09] Who was the last person you held hands with?

[10] Do you believe in love at first sight?

[11] Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

[12] At what age did you start noticing the opposite gender?
Very young age - 7 but didn't dated until after high school.

[13] Do you like anyone?
I do.

[14] Do you know someone who likes you?
I know.

[15] Do you love anyone?

[16] Do they know you like/love them?

[17] Why did you and your most recent ex break up?
It's complicated.

[18] When did you two last speak to one another?
Don't remember but we're still friends and talk like friends do.

[19] Would you get back together with your ex?

[20] What comes to your mind when you think of love?

[21] Is there anyone who knows you inside and out?

[22] Tag anyone?
Who's not tagged yet? It'll be fun to tag my parents haha! Nyway, okay...maybe those who're in a DR (go figure):

1. Docjjs
2. Anonymous Queen (Ery, dia belum buat lagi LOL)!
3. Msjovettpgwn
2. WK

(Back to grading!)

Made To Praise You

Here it is Ben:

Friday, October 10, 2008

More Less

It's been a busy month and the next few days will be a hectic one too! All I need right now is more time, less stress, more money, less debts, more indoors, less outdoors and more sleep less eyebags!!

Guess the next time I could probably blog is on Monday night! **crosses fingers**

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pattaya GSV1

Most of the time I am such a procrastinator and I know it so well that I stop wanting to do anything about it! One week had gone by since our Pattaya Retreat and there is just so much I wanted to blog about the day I came back but found myself too tired to sort out pictures and stuff, so instead of going online, I decided to rest but ahh...why am I telling you this? Of course everyone needed rest! I also know that I am a rambler!

The first day we were scheduled for Nong Nooch Garden in Pattaya then to Garden Sea view Hotel (GSV) where our actual retreat took place. I think I blogged about Nong Nooch too many times already and maybe I should skip telling you what is in Nong Nooch and move on. This was our 5th times visit to this huge tropical garden! Since we decided to skip lunch, we stuffed ourselves with food before our journey (we drove...I know!) and as have been predicted, we reached the garden after the rest of the group had lunch! Perfect! Didn't do much since the landscaping and everything else was more or less just like it was when we visited last July. Me being chatty, lets look at one or two pictures instead...

Immortal ants
5th timers (bored)!
I guess the wetness and weather was partly the reason. It was drizzling on and off. Maybe I should show you some pictures of our July visit!
Overated landscape :)
from dad's cameraManbuilt stonehedge
Mom & Dad
Dad is such a character that he influenced Hobbit!My dad and her new found gf"Aunt KY, wave!!!" And the mahoot waved! :)Mom & Dad on Mr Elephant

So see, coming to this place again not too far from July reminded us of our comedic parents & aunt. Sorry, got sidetracked a lil' bit. Just that I miss my family! December come quick!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hobbit said I look like Simba (Lion King) in the making! It made me realize that waiting till I go home in December to cut my hair is really ludicrous. Let's see today if I can fix this growing fur!

Selamat Hari Raya!

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