Sunday, September 28, 2008

You're Here!

You made it here! Congrats & thanks!

See what I mean? This blog is so unorganized! Anyway, I'll be away for three days attending our school's annual faculty & staff's retreat at Pattaya. Yay! Get to relax for 3 days! What a bliss! Hope to post some amateur pictures once I'm back! :)


Deanna Beryl said...

Hi Aims! Yay for the new blog! :) I can't wait to read your entry on Pattaya. Expecting lots of eye candies! :)

daronloo said...



Unknown said...

Try to have fun while attending! And I look forward to the pics.

~Crowy~ said...

Hi dear, I like your new blog. Enjoy your trip to Pattaya. I've been there before, I quite like the place. I hope you'll bring some photos back.. :-)

Hobbit Wife said...

Dee - Thanks for the encouragement!

Darz - Hihoooo!

Fractalmom - I did have a lot of fun and will blog about my trip when time permits. :)

Eri - There are some photos. Will post soon. :)

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