Monday, September 15, 2008

We're Fridgeless

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Our refrigerator broke after Hobbit tried to defrost the accumulating ice. It was Artic in the making until I fussed about it again that the shoving was done! We called Mr Repair yesterday to come to our rescue and was told that he would come and inspect in 30mins since the time was 11:55am. I told him that we would wait for him and prepared ourselves for a 1pm appointment with a friend at Emporium Tower EL floor.
Well, time passed and it was 30mins pass 12 and Mr Repair is nowhere to be seen, not even calling to appologize that he will be late. At 12:45pm Hobbit called his cell again only to get a reply "I am still working. I will come." What the flickening?? Who cares if you're still working? You've promised to come at 12:30pm?? Not even a sorry and not even arranging at a different time. Fine. Let's wait for a few more minutes. The clock stroke 1 and hello? Where's Mr Repair? I still managed to get a hairwash while waiting sir! Now we called him again and now he said he can't make it. So we told him that we were going out and arranged for him to come whenever he is available. So he told us that he will come in the evening say around 5pm. Frustrated, we left for our next appointment. Yes we were late but the meeting was not something new for us. We still managed to complete our business and get things done.While at the meeting, our landlord called and told us to not worry for he would just let Mr Repair in if he comes. So we were quite relief!
We came home at 5 almost 6 in the evening expecting our fridge to be well and working again but it was still summer inside. So we called our landlord only to be asked to call Mr Repair by ourselves! So we contacted Mr Repair several times but no one was at the other end. Arrgh! Right then I thought there's so another blog about Thai time! After both of us were all fresh, and ready for bed at 8:37pm, darn Mr Repair called. Arrgh! You're coming now?? Yes, I'm on my way. Is it zone A bla bla bla bla...Yes! Get your sorry face Please come now because we are waiting!
Mr Repair did come at almost 9pm and after a bla bla, took the fridge for repair. So we will see his sorry face again somewhere Tuesday! Amazing Thailand!

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