Thursday, September 11, 2008

Unpredictable Weather & Kids

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It's 4:30pm and I am still in school. It is pouring outside but thankfully it is at the speed of "drizzle" at the moment and I am so not looking forward to wading in the water again today for I know chances of doing this will be a dozen due to the torrential rain. Nevertheless I am thankful that the sun managed to give a bit of a preview with a smile on its face at noon time.

Unpredictable weather!

My first class today started at 8:30am with 2A and I was in for a surprise that most of my students are super hyper already at 8:30am! Was there something in the air or was it the breakfast that gave them all the AM energy? Usually I wouldn't have problems managing this classroom for I have them labeled as one of the nices bunch but today they almost pinned me on the wall! I talked to their homeroom teacher and she related the same thing and I say it must be due to the "raining cats and dogs" that these students have transformed into cats and dogs with the weather!

Unpredictable kids!

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