Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Love Your Gyne, Gurls!

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Hm..Can't believe I'm doing another post today but somehow I am moved to do so. It's especially for my girlfriends out there and also those guy friends with girlfriends/wives.

*LOL! Found this in Wiki. Don't laugh lah, it's not funny and guys, what were you thinking??
LOL! Adakah berdiri...
The explanation to this picture:
The shamefulness associated with the examination of female genitalia has long inhibited the science of gynaecology. This 1822 drawing by Jacques-Pierre Maygnier shows a "compromise" procedure, in which the physician is kneeling before the woman but cannot see her genitalia. Modern gynecology has shed these inhibitions.

Remember I blogged about going for a pap smear and a regular check up here? Well, I've learned from experience that women (in fact everyone but lemme direct it to da ladies first) should not take advantage of their health. You don't feel any pain doesn't mean that there is nothing wrong with you inside. Even though your external health is A+, inside could be slowly failing in terms of your internal health. Recently I am aware that not many women know about Endometriosis. I first heard this from my gyne. He made sure I knew what it was and warned me about all the possibilities of other ovarian complications that might occur to women at my age. Since I am married and of course plan to have children someday, being aware of things like this really can save women from having to go through other complicated problems in the future.

Oh, lemme get back to this Endometriosis. I am no expert but am really concern about friends who often complain about period pains. Those of you ladies with serious menstruation pain and other related symptoms (must read about this!), go get a thorough check up for this kind of dysmenorhea is not the common "Ah-it's-so-a-common -pain" kinda thing but you'll never know (knocks wood) if you have chocolate cysts or other surface lesions blocking the ovaries and is causing pain. There are pages and pages of things you need to know about this and some things are just unexplainable. So please mighty please go read about it. I was really concerned about all the possibilities of diseases that I was made aware of by my gyne that I basically read everything there is to be read in a gynecologist dictionary! However, some things are not new to me since my family doctor back home is a well-known gyne. He used to warn us girls including mom and sis about woman's reproductive system and health. Growing up, I do suffer from menstruation pain, 95% of the time regular and heavy, so chances of endo is there. What scares me is that it is hard to detect if you have it or not unless you go for laprascopic surgery. However, the funny thing is, the only way to stop endo from occurring is to stop having periods. Either you take some recommended medication,(drug treatment) ,get pregnant or get an early menopause! I don't want to take the risk and suffer later on. So friends, educate yourselves with the "Eve's clan" information.

And yes, please remind me if I do forget.

p/s: Don't listen to crap doctors who tells you there's nothing wrong when you totally feel the opposite. It's your body not his/hers.

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