Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Learning About Bitterness

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How does one tolerate with a bitter friend? It seems that the more you get around them trying to help, the more they make you feel guilty. That is why, I keep a distance from these type of friends. Not that I hate them or they are bad but just keeping a distance helps the friendship a lot! This evening a friend came to me and poured her heart out about a person that ever since, filled with bitterness. Of course I wasn't much of a help but at least she felt relief when we concluded that the guilt she felt inside was not self-inflicted. She was feeling guilty and blamed herself for adding the bitterness to this already bitter person and thus was trying hard to find ways to fix the problem. The way I see it, the problem is not with her but with this bitter person. Looking for answers myself (ahh...I'm used to this person's bitterness and truthfully am sick of it and wish I could give this person a big 'grow up' hi five on the wherever!), I then found this site on reason of bitterness and how to overcome them. If you're interested, then here it is: Overcoming Bitterness. I learned to pray before I go near this bitter person and seriously I think this person needs much of my prayers than I do to see this person. Anyway, when all we can is help and help is pushed aside, the last resort is of course surrender it to God and let God help this bitter person to overcome all the bitterness.

It's past midnight and I am still wide awake. Last week was sort of a movie marathon again until last night. So far I've watched

1. Wo Ai Ni (Indo. movie) which is based on a true story. It's all about a Chinese community living in Indonesia, their daily lives, poverty, dreams, etc. What made it interesting to me was that the Chinese dialect used is actually my mom's spoken dialect. Now I see the migration patterns better.

2. A Love Story (Filipino movie) that depicts a love triangle and how all three learned from the bittersweet relationship. Recommended for it makes you go through a thinking process at the same time. :)

3. Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang (Malay movie). Haha...This is actually a reenact of the well-known PRamlee movie. Well, not actually reenact but similar concept. Reviving the popular 50s or 60s black and white, full of wit, funny, weird, larger than life kind of plot. Not bad.

4. Made of Honor. You know this one.

5. Cintaku Forever (Indo. movie). Kinda like the Indo. movie Heart. Also full of sickness like the girl is sick then the boy also turns out sick and bla bla bla the love blossom kinda plot. If you really have time, then watch.

Went to the mall to get some banking stuff done today and heck, sale again! From furnitures to all the bling-blings. I quickly walked passed the store putting the amount of our car insurance to every discount labels that I see! Arrgh!
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