Friday, September 26, 2008

IKEA Bangkok

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Good news friends! According to the business section of today's Bangkok's Post, Fan of Swedish retailer IKEA will be opening their first store in Bangkok next year. It will (let's hope) be on the Bang Na Trat road as many speculated it would.

Many of my friends in Malaysia are big fans of IKEA. I was first introduced to IKEA in 2004 when my friend insisted that I should love this brand and hey, when I went home and had the chance to preview their furniture and other cute and elegant stuff,'s even better than Home Deport although I love some stuff from Home Depot.

The other day Hobbit and I were checking out on vacuum cleaners since we liked the idea of spreading a nice carpet in the living room. Then again we thought, who is going to do all the extra cleaning?? Talking about taking turns in doing house chores! :)

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daronloo said...

wooohooo!! can't wait for it to open!!!! :D

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