Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hobbit Down Memory Lane

I found this site to be a stress reliever! Go see how you will look like 20 years ago here! The many faces of my beloved Hobbit between 1950-2000. Enjoy yo!

1950 Uih...lipatan!

1952 too much cooking oil!

1954 What's with the curls?


1958 Growing to be Elvis! Mom said he looked like his father when his dad was younger.

1960 Square eh?

1962 Hahahahaha! Like the TV character!

1964 Going the headmaster look?

1970 Professor must cover bald..

1972 Brotha clean cut eh?

1974 Hello miss!

1976 Turtle neck is so in!

1978 Cik Fatimah oii..

1980 I was born!

1982 Afro...

1984 Like Mrs Lee...

1988 Classic portrait

1990 Not another album cover...

1994 The NKOB look!

1996 So you during this year...

1998 Oh no! Nutty Professor!

2000 Eleh..buff konon..

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