Thursday, September 4, 2008

Experiences at Samitivej Hospitals

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It's past 12 am and I am eating yummilicious noodles! How come packet noodles taste so much better at midnight? I slurped the whole thing greedily!

I visited Samitivej Hospital again and this time went to the Srinakarin branch. I loooooove going to hospitals where you don't get those awful medicine smell and other odd hospital smells that stinks so badly that you know the next time you encounter that smell elsewhere other than a hospital it will for sure reminds you nothing but hospitals. *catch breath*

The last time I went was to the same hospital brand (Samitivej) but different branch (Sukhumvit). Comparing these two branches, I personally felt more relax and calm by going to Srinakarin's branch since this place is less crowded, cleaner environment, lots of parking space, peaceful and not noisy. Each floor is categorized accordingly. What is considered a plus to parents is the children hospital corner. The whole floor is dedicated to child care alone. Also, nurse sitters are available to watch the kids while parents run their small errands, etc.

Why am I visiting Mr. Hospie you might ask? Well, age and time has thought me consciousness about a lot of things and that includes my health especially lately ,am conscious of common women's health. I went to the obigyne department for a yearly pap-smear and ultrasound (women, go do your papsmear & mammo. if you haven't already!). My luck maybe but when I arrived the nurses at the counter warned me "...but at this moment we only have a male doctor. Are you okay with that?" while one of them made a hand gesture pointing towards a fine adult in white (looked like he is in his 50s) who was reading a newspaper at the lobby. One look, I immediately said "YES!" The service and doctor both deserved my thumbs up because when I compared this visit to the obigyne in Sukhumvit branch, the gynecologist was a mid-age woman and the process was rather a bit here-and-there. It was good that I had a quick preview of who the male gyne doctor was, otherwise I would have followed my wishes while on my way to the hospital which was "I hope I get a female doctor...I hope I get a female doctor.." Yes, I like female doctors but not also have higher confidence in male doctors. I refrain from having to consult with young, single and available doctors!! As for now, I think I can say I would stick to this doctor for I can tell from the way he examined me that he has lots of experience, he has all the technical terms handy in his head and could explain it in good, clear English (he's very soft-spoken btw) and he practically made my visit worth the money! Oh, I paid 4*** freaking figure!

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