Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dentist - Second Visit

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I went to the dentist again yesterday and the doctor just couldn't find out the caused to my aching upper right molar. Last week when I went to see him he and I both thought that it must be the previous filling but when he refilled it again it made no difference. Actually when I came to notice and feel where the root of the pain is coming from, I thought it was in between the premolar and the molar! So yesterday my ever generous dentist inspected the whole area and did a thorough cleaning even and found nothing wrong! Then finally he came up to a conclusion that maybe it's because of my gums. Something could be sending signal somewhere that it triggered my in between molar gums! He told me that he would be monitoring this and I have another appointment early October! Today, the pain is not as intense as the past few weeks and I could at least chew properly and drink medium cold water.

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