Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dentist Nap

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Yay! The fridge is finally home and thank you Mr Repair for being on time this time around.

I went to the dentist again yesterday to fix a broken filling. The doctor insist on giving me an injection and as far as I remember the last injection I had from a dentist was 3 years ago that I have totally forgotten about the joy and pain it gave. Well, I said

"Do I really need the injection?"

"Yes you do. Otherwise you'll feel the grits from the amalgam fix!"

"Okay. Is it painful?"

"Oh come on!"

(1 mins. later)

"Please rinse your mouth."



What??? It was totally painless and I didn't even feel the ants bite! So I happily enjoyed my short nap while the doctor worked hard on my tooth! I was too worn off from work and to be able to sit in a dental chair with soft music and good hands fiddling through your one half rotten tooth (treating this tooth like a prince), where else the mind could go but to totally shut off and relax?!! After an hour or so, I was finally done. My oh my did I feel part of my face had gone numb!

Me: "Can you please punch my right cheek?"

Hobbit: "What for?"

Me: "'Coz I can't feel anything!"

Hobbit: "...!"

Inside me shutter so random:

*Practicing with the background

*Hobbit's attempt. Blurr lah!

*Bought another FOF heels. Yay background w/out photoshop!


*Flooded soi. Bad drainage!

*Daddy Dough. I personally think Dunkin Doughnut is yummier!

* -cut & paste- He's the first one to finish!

*Students who participated in the eating contest.

*Teachers who participated in the eating contest.

*This PC used to be my favorite drink.

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