Sunday, August 3, 2008

Work Is Tomorrow

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Hobbit and I went to Panthip (famous/biggest IT center in Bangkok) today and people still crowd that place like ants! When dad said Bangkok is the best hub when it comes to business, I can't stop nodding! It's true! People everywhere, traffic jams, street vendors...A friend told me that she knows of street vendors who earns close to 90,000B a month through cooking simple meals around the clock! I don't doubt it, it's so freaking true! Okay, back to our motives. Well, this Hobbit have been pestering me around for days and I just can't help it. So today I let his leash loose and let him get what he wanted! When my Mutley got its bones, I was given a never-ending BIG smile! Now it's time to make sure doggie works twice as hard on his assignments! LOL!

I like Mutley!

So tomorrow is my pre-school days for teachers only while Hobbit's school is having summer. This is what I have been complaining about. We take different vacation dates and it's not good since it is so hard to plan trips together. What can I do right? Oh well, tomorrow Hobbit has to leave early for MC and I have to go to work. He's declaring me "single but not available" for at least 4 days! Who'll cook salty fish for me?? :_:

Self-pity aside, I did something today. I wrapped a lovely gift for a lovely girl. This year she has given me a list of things that I could get for her and I have decided to go for the cute Friendship Box. I was thinking of buying a purple wrapper to wrap the gift as purple is her favorite color but thought ah! Why not go for DIY wrappers! :) So, here goes the paper bag wrapper!


Took out my watercolor and painted letters and numbers for some lame deco.

Then ribbons and there goes DIY gift wrapping done!

note: Oh yes oh yes, I forgot to make a post as promise about my hair Erina! Thanks for the compliment in was it friendster?? Well, lately I've been loving the shower faucets since it tamed my poodle curls so much! LOL!

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