Sunday, August 3, 2008

Too Short a Vacation

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Yay I'm finally back from weeks break accompanying my Hobbit in MC as he attended classes. He has another week to complete his last class and he'll be done (as in attending classes not with papers --sadly). I especially want to thank God for all His blessings because He has miraculously made a lot of things possible for us these past few days. When we thought of the impossible, He thinks otherwise!
I had a pretty good time in MC especially when I had the opportunity to spend time and hang out with all our friends. I enjoyed baby-sitting, good home-cooked meals, yummy authentic Thai food, eating under a hot weather, discovering pleasant eateries and had fun time playing Wii too (thanks to Dee)! Ohh it was all GOOD and too bad it had to end too soon too!
Ahh...Did I just mentioned eateries? Well, I'll share some of them here if time permits. As for now, it's dinner time and I am having Thai salty fish which is AROY MAK MAK (very delicious)!!!

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