Saturday, August 9, 2008

PreSchool Week

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Preschool week went by pretty fast. It's as if I haven't lived for a full whole week and we're talking about its following week again. Hambug! Is this even true? *pinch self...ouch!* Just last Sunday I was being coquettish towards Hobbit and begged him not to let me take responsibility towards the house for a week and that he couldn't leave me alone with fishy neighbors. And today he's back here as though he had never left and came back! So it's true that everyday is a gift, isn't? God is always good.

The two days of TPD (Teacher's Preschool Days) was rather light except for some chasing after schedules and management stuff. After school I drove home and enjoyed food in front of the telly while waiting for Hobbit to go online. I didn't know this could still happen -- how time still travels slow for those who are in year 2 marriage (or this stops at year 3 ??), and to find out that I still very much look forward to go home and could hardly wait for him to go online and chat. Pretty much like how we dated each other in college where we utilized everything to the max, from hijacking the room's phone, to internet chats and late night peeps. Hah! Those were the days! Despite all the calls, chats and peeps, we still missed each other that we even want to meet in dreams! Actually, it was refreshing to be apart this week for it somehow brought back or restored those juvenile passion we once had. Haha! *sigh, I so sound past 25*

The rest of my week was spent imbibing Thai Culture course which would only end this Sunday. I always love learning about culture. Anything culture is equal to wide open eyes literally. My favorite part in this course so far had to be the discussions because new ideas would spring suddenly out of nowhere and viola, you're inspired. Another session this Sunday and that would be the end of it. I could start concentrating on new lessons for classes which will start next week. Oh, here are some pictures on the Thai garland we learned how to make. requires lots of patience since it could be a very tedious job if one is not used to making it. Despite being first timers, all of us managed to assemble beautiful garlands!

Once again I went to my bookshop this evening to order books for my students. I anticipated it but didn't expect to be trapped too long a time in a BAD, BAD Bangkok traffic! Thank goodness the manager was so kind to wait up and even offered me the loo, which I needed as BADLY! By the time I was done and out from the office, you don't want to imagine how worst the traffic had become!

Due to intolerable traffic, Hobbit and I ended up too hungry! So we quickly grabbed some groceries and headed home. Nothing cookes faster like Mee Goreng Basah!

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