Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Face Fever

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Having watched the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Event in Beijing I have to admit that the latter didn't impress me like how the opening did. The 2F words kept me alert all the way that I just had to judge from their lips on whether their singings were sung live or were they miming throughout the songs or was it only beauties that qualified to bear those angelic feathers? Were they the selected baby-bottomed faces that minced and danced their way around the center piece of the Beijing 2008 Olympic event where all eyes were set for the past 16 days? As I said, I wasn't sure of any of the extravagent climax ending that brought this event to the end of China's 2Fs shows --Fake and Face.

Whatever it was China, I'm glad and I'm sure your country is glad plus no doubt in BIG relief that the Huan Yin Guang Lin dollies no longer have to suffer from the welcoming syndrome for the "show" was indeed quite successful! Bravo!

Having that out of my chest, now I can go check what is wrong with my air conditioning compressor and crawl up to bed. Good night!

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