Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Long Live the Queen

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Today (August 12, 2008) is the Queen's birthday here in Thailand and it is always a holiday. As usual, Thais don't follow the world's calender in celebrating Mother's Day but Mother's Day to them is always today. In short mathematical equation,

Queen's birthday = Mother's Day

Since the Queen's color is blue, I expect most people will be wearing blue today. If you're in Thailand, you should know that the Thais has assigned colors to each day in a week.

Sunday - red
Monday - yellow
Tuesday - pink
Wednesday - green
Thursday - orange
Friday - blue
Saturday - purple

As for today, I have too many things going on in mind and don't know where exactly to start. I have to finish up several lesson plans, organizing materials, meet a friend to discuss about an upcoming event, to plan and to plan. The planning never ends. Then before this month comes to an end, I need to arrange several things that needs extra splurging such as car insurance! Ahh LIFE!

Going out to finish up some business!

Happy Birthday your Majesty!

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