Saturday, August 23, 2008

Desk Clean Up

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Our teacher's room just moved from the 6th floor down to the 4th floor, a small room previously used as a conference room. When I finally got the key this morning, I opened the room up and every corner was cluttered with youdontwannaknow. After absorbing all the energy from my grits and grunts, I put on my cleaning gear and started off cleaning. I brought rugs from home just in case the 2 inches dust is too stubborn to leave. *scrub, scrub,scrub* *wipe, wipe, wipe* *move, move, move*

An hour later...

See, here I am sitting comfortably in my new desk blogging! Although space is still a problem, at least I arranged the whole place to look less cluttered. Huh! My family agree that they could put me in any cluttered place and find the place being fixed in less than a day. I hate clutters and can't live with things lying around unattended!

Now things are sort of fixed a little bit, let me work on a more head-banging business. I don't know why I'm so excited to start all my Chinese project. It could be the chinese-enabling system I installed last night. Hope it will do much much good to me this school year!

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