Thursday, August 21, 2008

10am Thoughts

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Okay friends, thanks for the kind and encouraging words left in my previous post "Menyahut Cabaran Baru". Although I still don't know who is Ih Sioh but I think you know me right? :) Guess what? You guys have in some ways motivated me to love composing in Malay again. Maybe I should try composing some "sajak". I know Ery loves doing this. Oh, when I asked Hobbit what he thinks about this post on our way home yesterday, he simply said I was surprised that you can actually write very well. All this while I only hear you speak broken malay with chinese accent but when it comes to writing you can actually write! Of course lah bah! Well, I am sure we have met many people/students like me. They write well but when it comes to speaking it's totally a different story altogether. Yet no doubt there are people who excel in both. Ahhh...let's change topics.
Actually I have some pictures to share but something is quite bordering my head right now and the fact that I have to run for chapel program. Tell me, have you met people who declared publicly that they left their religion and said they have nothing to do with the believers anymore BUT still practice it privately on their own? Figurable answers are that they have some issues with the believers and wanted to stay away or it could be some personal discouragement, also changes in the way they see things, etc. But why??
Okay, I really need to go before other people come and treat this teacher's room like some sort of cheap hotels --a place to have romantic lunch with their romantic partners! Hope this does not last too long. I hate listening to midi songs, it makes me super dizzy!

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