Sunday, August 31, 2008

Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day West Malaysians! Are you still celebrating??

Thursday, August 28, 2008

You Make Me Happy You Make Me Sad

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ai dao jin tou fu sui nan shou
ai you you hen you you
wei he yao dao wu fa wan liu
chai you xiang qi ni de wen rou
ge wo guan huai wei wo jie you
wei wo ping tian xu duo chou
zai shen ye wu jin deng hou
du zi lei liu du zi ren shou

duo xiang shuo sheng wo zhen de ai ni
duo xiang shuo sheng dui bu qi ni
ni ku zhe shuo qing yuan yi jin nan zai xu nan zai xu

jiu qing ne gei wo duo yi dian dian shi jian
zai duo yi dian dian wen hou bu yao yi qie dou dai zhou
jiu qing ni gei wo duo yi dian dian kong jian
zai dou yi dian dian wen rou bu yao rang wo ru chi nan shou

ni zhe yang yi ge nu ren rang wo huan xi rang wo you
rang wo gan xin wei le ni fu chu wo suo you

you ran wo gan xin wei le ni fu chu wo sou you

-- Sung by Emil Chou. Original music by Chage & Aska.

Having found this song and listening to it again really brought me down memory land and that has to be way back in 1991-1992 when I was just starting out middle school. How I miss those yesteryears when all then a teenager wanted was to be free. Well, in sought for that freedom I was then rebellious, mischievous, cynical, and all that darah muda's syndrome.

Anyway, the Tshung Tsin dormitory was where this song was constantly heard playing especially during Sundays (when we were all trapped in the dorm hoping for those friends who owns cars to sneak us out) while we the tenant aka penghuni took our sweet time, instead of studying, loitered on the porch trimming our fingernails, chit-chatting, day-dreaming while interrupted by other noises that came from those diligently scrubbing their laundries. Ah, memories...

Having found this song and listening to it again really brought me down memory land and that has to be way back in 1991-1992 when I was just starting out middle school. How I miss those yesteryears when all then a teenager wanted was to be free. Well, in sought for that freedom I was then rebellious, mischievous, cynical, and all that darah muda's syndrome.

Anyway, the Tshung Tsin dormitory was where this song was constantly heard playing especially during Sundays (when we were all trapped in the dorm hoping for those friends who owns cars to sneak us out) while we the tenant aka penghuni took our sweet time, instead of studying, loitered on the porch trimming our fingernails, chit-chatting, day-dreaming while interrupted by other noises that came from those diligently scrubbing their laundries. Ah, memories...

Occasionally, couple of my friends and I would sneak out from the dorm and go for karaokes. Since this was one of my favorite song, I like to sing along to the music whenever it was my turn to go on stage. Entertainment those days were nothing compared to what we have now. We thought karaoke parlors were one of those cool places to chill and to have late night delicious supper.

I remembered once when we didn't ask permission from the deans to go out. It was way past midnight plus it was pitch dark and the school's dormitory was on top of a small bushy hill just behind the school and it was quite a long walk up. Therefore we decided to turn off the car engines and headlights once we drove pass the hilly part so the driver could drop us just slightly a few meters away from the dorm in avoidance of creepy, crawly animals. We didn't want to wake our deans...thus the best way was to take off our shoes (the darn road was not paved, full of unconsolidated mixture of rock fragments) and mince slowly to the dorm's door. When we merely took our fifth steps, something rather big (I thought was a tiger) jumped out from the bushes with eyes as big as a lamp post. So I thought but no. They were not starving wild animals and heck the eyes were not stupid lamp post. With two heavy voltage (must be) torches clutched on their hands, the deans caught us red-handed!!

Long story short, the next day our study hall time was taken away from us in order to give way to a week of endless moving boxes, scrubbing and washing. We girls were lucky for having quite a small dorm otherwise scrubbing and washing the entire school would be too embarrassing. Nevertheless, it didn't teach us a lesson. It just got us wiser! Wink

So as I said, this song brought back tons of memories which I surprisingly have forgotten until today. They say, music always finds a way to bring old memories come alive. How true...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Help End Hunger

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I didn't know "big help" can be offered as easy as answering questions.

How? Click here.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cute Google Olympic Photos

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he Google logo designs on its homepage during the Olympics are the 12 animals depicted in the Chinese Zodiac. I simply love these. :)

August 8, 2008 Opening Ceremony -- Fuwa

August 9, 2008 Cycling -- Sheep

August 10, 2008 Weightlifting -- Rat

August 11, 2008 Diving -- Boar

August 12, 2008 Rhythmic Gymnastics -- Ox

August 13, 2008 Artistic Gymnastics -- Monkey

August 14, 2008 Basketball -- Dragon & Rat

August 15, 2008 Badminton -- Tiger

August 16, 2008 Soccer -- Horse

August 17, 2008 Rowing -- Dog

August 18, 2008 Table Tennis -- Dragon

August 19, 2008 Swimming -- Snake

August 20, 2008 Ahtletics -- Horse & Rabbit

August 21, 2008 High Jump -- Rabbit

August 22, 2008 Taekwando -- Tiger & Monkey

August 23, 2008 Baseball -- Rooster

August 24, 2008 Closing Ceremony -- The 12 Animals

Olympic Face Fever

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Having watched the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Event in Beijing I have to admit that the latter didn't impress me like how the opening did. The 2F words kept me alert all the way that I just had to judge from their lips on whether their singings were sung live or were they miming throughout the songs or was it only beauties that qualified to bear those angelic feathers? Were they the selected baby-bottomed faces that minced and danced their way around the center piece of the Beijing 2008 Olympic event where all eyes were set for the past 16 days? As I said, I wasn't sure of any of the extravagent climax ending that brought this event to the end of China's 2Fs shows --Fake and Face.

Whatever it was China, I'm glad and I'm sure your country is glad plus no doubt in BIG relief that the Huan Yin Guang Lin dollies no longer have to suffer from the welcoming syndrome for the "show" was indeed quite successful! Bravo!

Having that out of my chest, now I can go check what is wrong with my air conditioning compressor and crawl up to bed. Good night!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Desk Clean Up

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Our teacher's room just moved from the 6th floor down to the 4th floor, a small room previously used as a conference room. When I finally got the key this morning, I opened the room up and every corner was cluttered with youdontwannaknow. After absorbing all the energy from my grits and grunts, I put on my cleaning gear and started off cleaning. I brought rugs from home just in case the 2 inches dust is too stubborn to leave. *scrub, scrub,scrub* *wipe, wipe, wipe* *move, move, move*

An hour later...

See, here I am sitting comfortably in my new desk blogging! Although space is still a problem, at least I arranged the whole place to look less cluttered. Huh! My family agree that they could put me in any cluttered place and find the place being fixed in less than a day. I hate clutters and can't live with things lying around unattended!

Now things are sort of fixed a little bit, let me work on a more head-banging business. I don't know why I'm so excited to start all my Chinese project. It could be the chinese-enabling system I installed last night. Hope it will do much much good to me this school year!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

10am Thoughts

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Okay friends, thanks for the kind and encouraging words left in my previous post "Menyahut Cabaran Baru". Although I still don't know who is Ih Sioh but I think you know me right? :) Guess what? You guys have in some ways motivated me to love composing in Malay again. Maybe I should try composing some "sajak". I know Ery loves doing this. Oh, when I asked Hobbit what he thinks about this post on our way home yesterday, he simply said I was surprised that you can actually write very well. All this while I only hear you speak broken malay with chinese accent but when it comes to writing you can actually write! Of course lah bah! Well, I am sure we have met many people/students like me. They write well but when it comes to speaking it's totally a different story altogether. Yet no doubt there are people who excel in both. Ahhh...let's change topics.
Actually I have some pictures to share but something is quite bordering my head right now and the fact that I have to run for chapel program. Tell me, have you met people who declared publicly that they left their religion and said they have nothing to do with the believers anymore BUT still practice it privately on their own? Figurable answers are that they have some issues with the believers and wanted to stay away or it could be some personal discouragement, also changes in the way they see things, etc. But why??
Okay, I really need to go before other people come and treat this teacher's room like some sort of cheap hotels --a place to have romantic lunch with their romantic partners! Hope this does not last too long. I hate listening to midi songs, it makes me super dizzy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beautiful Spa Scenes

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Bangkok as most of us know is a hub for spas and beauty parlors. Even so, people who live here still couldn't resist from having their own spas at home. A big city with limited space, all well-known for its narrow 'sois', high rising buildings, apartments, shops and houses almost have to squeezed tight to each other in order to survive city life. With such landscape, one can only envision of having a relaxing view of a tropical beach with coconut and palm trees swaying swiftly out over the hot sand while inside the hot tub. A beautiful sunset evening view is but just a dream.
Thankfully we now can turn our spa cover into a tropical surround and anyone can enjoy a view of just such a relaxing scene as described above by just having a waterproof vinyl mural that will transform any existing spa cover into a unique tropical or sunset cover. Isn't that great? With SpaScenes we no longer have to stare on bare covers or walls that isn't really helpful in helping you deal with all the stress from the city, work, etc. SpaScenes will complete your hot tub experience like no other spa accessories could. It is easy to install plus you could choose from a wide selection of themes and also select which mural format you want-- full view or panoramic formats. You need not worry about the murals for SpaScenes uses durable, quality and chemical resistance products fit for outdoor use.
One thing I like about this product is that it is affordable. If you read the Spa Scenes website, they have all the necessary information to get you acquainted first with the various scenes for hot tub covers and what is more interesting is that through the website, they could lead you to dealers near your place or you could simply place an order online. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Menyahut Cabaran Baru

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Baiklah...saya ingin membuat satu pengakuan -- bahawa saya sungguh tercabar dengan kebolehan teman karib lama saya di bangku sekolah, Erina (yang sedang syok makan angin di kampungnya sekarang ini *_*), berblog dalam Bahasa Melayu membuatkan saya malu untuk mengaku yang saya tidak lagi dapat mengarang dengan baik menggunakan bahasa ini. Sebenarnya saya juga kagum dengan kebolehan Erina berbahasa Inggeris kerana kebolehannya sangat luarbiasa jika dibandingkan semasa kami di bangku sekolah lagi sedangkan saya tidak kemana dengan berbahasa Melayu. Sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia yang menetap di negera jiran, saya tidak seharusnya memberi alasan kenapa saya tidak lagi fasih bertutur atau menulis dalam bahasa ibunda.

Saya rasakan kelemahan ini berpunca daripada pengabaian keatas bahasa Melayu. Bayangkanlah selama 9 tahun menetap di Thailand, tidak sekalipun saya disuruh untuk mengarang atau dipaksa bertutur dalam bahasa Melayu. Bercakap dengan kawan-kawan yang datang dari Sabah pun, cakap Melayu campur atau "Sabah Slang" dan kadang-kadang Melayu langsung tidak dipedulikan. Apatah lagi bahasa Kadazandusun. Saya keturunan Kadazandusun juga tau! Tetapi yang sedihnya, saya cuma faham bila orang bertutur dalam bahasa ini dan selainnya seperti menulis dan berbahasa, itu tak perlu saya huraikanlah...:) Oleh kerana itu, sebelum saya balik ke kampung halaman, saya ingin memastikan bila masa saya disuruh untuk menyampaikan cerita kanak-kanak, ataupun pelajaran di gereja, saya masih mampu untuk menyampaikannya dengan jelas dan baik. Justeru itu juga, saya akan menggunakan blog ini sebagai langkah pertama untuk achieve aims saya.

Sukan Olimpik yang sedang berlangsung di Beijing China sangat hangat diperbualkan dan disiarkan di kaca TV. Saya sendiri tidak lari daripada curiousity. Hanya dengan mengikuti perkembangan event ini boleh membuatkan saya menjadi 'fans' kepada athletes-athletes yang hebat seperti perenang USA Michael Phelps, pemain badminton harapan Malaysia Lee Chong Wei dan sudah tentu pelumba basikal trek negara Josiah Ng. Sayangnya Lee Chong Wei dan Josiah Ng tidak berjaya meraihkan pingat emas namun apa yang penting ialah semangat kesukanan mereka!
Beralih kepada berita lain pula, baru-baru ini kerajaan Thai telah menguatkuasakan undang-undang untuk pemilik kereta yang menggunakan gas LPG supaya memiliki 'sticker' yang sah menunjukkan bahawa kegunaan gas LPG telah diluluskan oleh jabatan pengangkutan jalan (DLT). Dalam pada itu kami pun berulang-alik ke JPJ untuk mengisi borang dan membuat pemeriksaan terhadap kereta kami untuk memiliki sticker yang disebutkan. Kami sangat bersyukur kerana Tuhan telah menolong kami melalui proses-proses ini kerana penggunaan bahasa Thai kami sangatlah terhad apatah lagi mengisi borang dan mendapatkan borang-borang dan kertas yang diminta. Kesemuanya dalam bahasa Thai dan kalau nak tahu, hampir tak seorang pun yang pandai bertutur dalam bahasa Inggeris di pejabat JPJ dan kami pula terpaksa menggunakan kebolehan bahasa Thai kami ke tahap maksimum! Kami sangat kagum juga dengan kebolehan mereka untuk memahami percakapan kami yang tunggang terbalik ayatnya. :)
Baru-baru ini ada pula ura-ura mengenai pertukaran masa di Thailand. Tidak pasti bagaimana mereka (kerajaan) akan melakukannya, tetapi jika ia benar-benar berlaku, saya terpaksalah bangun 30 minit lebih awal untuk ke sekolah setiap hari kerana mereka akan mengawalkan masa sebanyak 30 minit supaya masa siang akan lebih panjang. Mengikut pertukaran masa antara Malaysia dan Thailand sekarang, jika masa di M'sia ialah jam 7 pagi, biasanya di sini baru menunjukkan jam 6 pagi (hanya 1 jam bezanya). Jika sistem ini ditukar, bezanya akan bertukar menjadi 1 jam 30 minit. Ianya dijangka akan dikuatkuasakan mulai 23 Ogos 2008 ini. Berita ini sungguh impossible tetapi ramai kawan-kawan Thai yang mendapat emel dalam bahasa Thai dan mempercayainya. Haha!
Hmm...nampaknya dah cukup panjang dan kepala saya pun sudah nak pening kerana banyak berfikir. Mungkin juga otak saya ini berkerja extra kuat untuk cuba mengingati semula apa yang saya sudah hampir lupa. Mentang-mentanglah ianya sudah berkarat kerana lama tidak berfikir dalam bahasa Melayu...:)
Nampaknya kamar mandi pun sudah mula menjerit, let's see what the guru pitka 'Guru Melayu' who lives with me and YOU think about this. Sampai nanti!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Renewal of Driver's License in Bangkok

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I lost count of how many times I've actually gone back and forth to the Land and Transport Department, situated between Sukhumvit 99 and 101 or opposite of Sukhumvit 62. Last Monday, I thought ah, it's time to renew my license for it causes no harm to renew it before the expiration date because "the earlier the better." It actually expires on August 14, 2008 and last Monday was just August 11. What more, school has just resumed this week and I don't want to miss any morning classes.
So after a few drive and ride across the jammed Sukhumvit road, I was finally at the DLT. With a big smile and a grateful heart I stepped into the DLT glad that my brilliant plan was about to kick in and it did, from getting through the queue and getting approval on my documents from the officers there. I thought in no time I would be given a new title of "Five Years" instead of the previous "One Year". Well, apparently I was wrong altogether and the brilliantness came to a halt.
The officer who was adorned in yellow that day muttered a loud "aww!!" and what followed was "your license has not expired but please come back again on this coming Thursday (August 14, 2008)" which was yesterday when my license was officially pronounced dead. After all the hassle I went through!!!
No longer bearing the big smiles and grateful hearts but with a big frown that seemed to need lapses and lapses of face lifts, I left the place muttering in all possible languages. Wasn't so brilliant afterall wasn't it? Now with this kind of experience, here's the rule of a thumb for you:

Renew your license on your actual expiry date only or after the expiry date.
Forget about being well-planned.
Yesterday when I again visited the lovely faces working at the DLT, I didn't have to go through the busy queue to get my documents checked anymore but they offered me to walk right to their desk and process my license that viola! I got my "Five Years"! It cost 605B beautiful figure. Again, the big smile and grateful heart was back on. Yay!
For those of you who live in Thailand and own a license, please wait for it to really expire first in order for you to use it. Other than that, don't forget to bring your passport and work permit plus a doctor's certificate when you come for renewal purposes. Of course, bring money with tell-time Guess watches! You want to beat the Thai time. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


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Everybody loves kung fu fighting

Your mind becomes fast as lightning...

I finally found time for Kung Fu Panda. Hey, not bad. I like the zen-red Asiance concept intertwined with Westernized kung fu.

By the way educators, have you read this?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Long Live the Queen

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Today (August 12, 2008) is the Queen's birthday here in Thailand and it is always a holiday. As usual, Thais don't follow the world's calender in celebrating Mother's Day but Mother's Day to them is always today. In short mathematical equation,

Queen's birthday = Mother's Day

Since the Queen's color is blue, I expect most people will be wearing blue today. If you're in Thailand, you should know that the Thais has assigned colors to each day in a week.

Sunday - red
Monday - yellow
Tuesday - pink
Wednesday - green
Thursday - orange
Friday - blue
Saturday - purple

As for today, I have too many things going on in mind and don't know where exactly to start. I have to finish up several lesson plans, organizing materials, meet a friend to discuss about an upcoming event, to plan and to plan. The planning never ends. Then before this month comes to an end, I need to arrange several things that needs extra splurging such as car insurance! Ahh LIFE!

Going out to finish up some business!

Happy Birthday your Majesty!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

PreSchool Week

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Preschool week went by pretty fast. It's as if I haven't lived for a full whole week and we're talking about its following week again. Hambug! Is this even true? *pinch self...ouch!* Just last Sunday I was being coquettish towards Hobbit and begged him not to let me take responsibility towards the house for a week and that he couldn't leave me alone with fishy neighbors. And today he's back here as though he had never left and came back! So it's true that everyday is a gift, isn't? God is always good.

The two days of TPD (Teacher's Preschool Days) was rather light except for some chasing after schedules and management stuff. After school I drove home and enjoyed food in front of the telly while waiting for Hobbit to go online. I didn't know this could still happen -- how time still travels slow for those who are in year 2 marriage (or this stops at year 3 ??), and to find out that I still very much look forward to go home and could hardly wait for him to go online and chat. Pretty much like how we dated each other in college where we utilized everything to the max, from hijacking the room's phone, to internet chats and late night peeps. Hah! Those were the days! Despite all the calls, chats and peeps, we still missed each other that we even want to meet in dreams! Actually, it was refreshing to be apart this week for it somehow brought back or restored those juvenile passion we once had. Haha! *sigh, I so sound past 25*

The rest of my week was spent imbibing Thai Culture course which would only end this Sunday. I always love learning about culture. Anything culture is equal to wide open eyes literally. My favorite part in this course so far had to be the discussions because new ideas would spring suddenly out of nowhere and viola, you're inspired. Another session this Sunday and that would be the end of it. I could start concentrating on new lessons for classes which will start next week. Oh, here are some pictures on the Thai garland we learned how to make. requires lots of patience since it could be a very tedious job if one is not used to making it. Despite being first timers, all of us managed to assemble beautiful garlands!

Once again I went to my bookshop this evening to order books for my students. I anticipated it but didn't expect to be trapped too long a time in a BAD, BAD Bangkok traffic! Thank goodness the manager was so kind to wait up and even offered me the loo, which I needed as BADLY! By the time I was done and out from the office, you don't want to imagine how worst the traffic had become!

Due to intolerable traffic, Hobbit and I ended up too hungry! So we quickly grabbed some groceries and headed home. Nothing cookes faster like Mee Goreng Basah!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm a Soccer Fan

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Look, It's Junior! Sarawak's booming soccer player!

Work Is Tomorrow

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Hobbit and I went to Panthip (famous/biggest IT center in Bangkok) today and people still crowd that place like ants! When dad said Bangkok is the best hub when it comes to business, I can't stop nodding! It's true! People everywhere, traffic jams, street vendors...A friend told me that she knows of street vendors who earns close to 90,000B a month through cooking simple meals around the clock! I don't doubt it, it's so freaking true! Okay, back to our motives. Well, this Hobbit have been pestering me around for days and I just can't help it. So today I let his leash loose and let him get what he wanted! When my Mutley got its bones, I was given a never-ending BIG smile! Now it's time to make sure doggie works twice as hard on his assignments! LOL!

I like Mutley!

So tomorrow is my pre-school days for teachers only while Hobbit's school is having summer. This is what I have been complaining about. We take different vacation dates and it's not good since it is so hard to plan trips together. What can I do right? Oh well, tomorrow Hobbit has to leave early for MC and I have to go to work. He's declaring me "single but not available" for at least 4 days! Who'll cook salty fish for me?? :_:

Self-pity aside, I did something today. I wrapped a lovely gift for a lovely girl. This year she has given me a list of things that I could get for her and I have decided to go for the cute Friendship Box. I was thinking of buying a purple wrapper to wrap the gift as purple is her favorite color but thought ah! Why not go for DIY wrappers! :) So, here goes the paper bag wrapper!


Took out my watercolor and painted letters and numbers for some lame deco.

Then ribbons and there goes DIY gift wrapping done!

note: Oh yes oh yes, I forgot to make a post as promise about my hair Erina! Thanks for the compliment in was it friendster?? Well, lately I've been loving the shower faucets since it tamed my poodle curls so much! LOL!

Too Short a Vacation

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Yay I'm finally back from weeks break accompanying my Hobbit in MC as he attended classes. He has another week to complete his last class and he'll be done (as in attending classes not with papers --sadly). I especially want to thank God for all His blessings because He has miraculously made a lot of things possible for us these past few days. When we thought of the impossible, He thinks otherwise!
I had a pretty good time in MC especially when I had the opportunity to spend time and hang out with all our friends. I enjoyed baby-sitting, good home-cooked meals, yummy authentic Thai food, eating under a hot weather, discovering pleasant eateries and had fun time playing Wii too (thanks to Dee)! Ohh it was all GOOD and too bad it had to end too soon too!
Ahh...Did I just mentioned eateries? Well, I'll share some of them here if time permits. As for now, it's dinner time and I am having Thai salty fish which is AROY MAK MAK (very delicious)!!!
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